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Two Mistresses Footdom Femdom Movies,473,11,45,0,2610
Two Mistresses Footdom Femdom Movies mistress irony and goddess starla both use abuse starla's husband they make fun of his cock while him worship their stockinged feet boots torture balls movies.

Tutorial Flogging, Caning, Spanking,481,11,45,0,2610
Tutorial Flogging, Caning, Spanking goddess starla gives a tutorial on how to properly beat your loser boyfriend/husband movies.

Goddess Nectar Femdom Movies,623,11,45,0,2610
Goddess Nectar Femdom Movies movies.

Randy caught jerking,434,11,45,0,2610
Randy caught jerking this is one of the reasons starla got a cb 6000 chastity device for her lifestyle 24/7 slave randy he can't be trusted not to make himself cum and therefore must punished only she allowed giving him pleasure movies.

Starla got fired from her job,427,11,45,0,2610
Starla got fired from her job starla got fired from her job randy is there like a good husband to provide moral support when she home and slave worship feet pussy make better pictures.

Sissy Husband Femdom Movies,475,11,45,0,2610
Sissy Husband Femdom Movies goddess starla's sissy husband is exactly that he does what she wants when and he permanently locked into chastity she makes him clean her dirty heels after teasing his poor up cock movies.

The Slut Femdom Movies,626,11,45,0,2610
The Slut Femdom Movies goddess starla had a bad date not that long ago with man who she thought would be good bull for her but the guy turned out just to yet another needy submissive loser decided try him though and invited over training session forcing randy sit in corner his chastity device on you have hand it this new slave although hes dire need of some strict quite pain slut takes spankings like true punishes brutally busting balls hard while makes jerk himself off quite fun show movies.

Sissy Maid Blunder Femdom Movies,678,11,45,0,2610
Sissy Maid Blunder Femdom Movies movies.

Heel Stock Bare Femdom Movies,570,11,45,0,2610
Heel Stock Bare Femdom Movies randy is forced to lick goddess starla's feet clean and later worship her stocking it's really too bad that unable high heels without making slutty noises or getting a hard on because maybe then he wouldn't get punished movies.

POV Ruined Tease and Denial Femdom Movies,681,11,45,0,2610
POV Ruined Tease and Denial Femdom Movies goddess starla decides to take randy out of chastity for a little session tease and denial pushing the very brink or orgasm then denying him an seemed like good idea at first until was pushed just tad too far makes mess things movies.

A Bad Date Makes Randy Suffer Femdom Pictures,657,11,45,0,2610
A Bad Date Makes Randy Suffer Femdom Pictures starla comes home after a bad date with prospective lover who turned out just to be another sissy angry at being surrounded by sissies goddess punishes randy make herself feel better pictures.

Steel Chastity Device Femdom Movies,575,11,45,0,2610
Steel Chastity Device Femdom Movies randy was away for a little over month because of school and starla made sure that he spent whole time in chastity now on his first night back goddess rewards him right having stayed 36 days straight movies.

Strapon Punishment Femdom Movies,459,11,45,0,2610
Strapon Punishment Femdom Movies when goddess starla finds her husband 24/7 slave relaxing on the couch she decides he needs an attitude adjustment she makes him fetch strapon put it over jeans and take its full length in his ass as a reminder for never to break from being without permission ever again movies.

Goddess Starla Plays with a Friend Femdom Pictures,651,11,45,0,2610
Goddess Starla Plays with a Friend Femdom Pictures starla starts off my spreading her slutty slave on a padded saw horse forcing to demonstrate just how good cock sucking skills have gotten and orgasm while holding the dildo in mouth unfortunately for ava she not only cums without permission but also drops rubbery pictures.

Twenty Whacks For Twenty Winks,676,1,45,0,2610
Twenty Whacks For Twenty Winks and all were nestled so snug in their bed except for a defiant slave bitch who went to before being told do now goddess starla must lose hours of sleep while punishing ava what is well first she humiliate then whack that little ass until its nice and red a forced orgasm with deep fingering avas tight pussy should just fine perhaps some clothes pins on slaves perky tits slapping them pink will as well though clearly upset at her non compliance makes sure get pleasure too forces off allowing even think about cumming no bedtime stories here severe punishments soothe the savage mind movies.

Latex Tease and Denial Femdom Pictures,860,11,45,0,2610
Latex Tease and Denial Femdom Pictures latex clad goddess starla teases and denies her hubby while in chastity then removes him mercilessly but does not let cum all the she is getting herself off having orgasms right front of he being denied pictures.

Bedtime story Femdom Movies,436,11,45,0,2610
Bedtime story Femdom Movies goddess starla enjoys reading her bdsm literature while lifestyle 24/7 husband sissy slave worships stockinged feet movies.

The Petulant Slave Porn Movies,817,1,45,0,2610
The Petulant Slave Porn Movies movies.

Femdom Movie Night Femdom Movies,679,11,45,0,2610
Femdom Movie Night Femdom Movies movies.

Hooker Training Femdom Movies,571,11,45,0,2610
Hooker Training Femdom Movies goddess starla has decided that it is about time for randy to earn his keep so she decides he should start train become a hooker gets show her hand job skills and later him what would do if guy offered more money had friend movies.

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